The Grand To-Do!

This house has come a long way from it’s beginning. It had no insulation, old electrical { I mean OLD}, no storage and had not been “remodeled” since the 70’s. It had paneling everywhere, the living featured a ceiling fan way to small for the room size, brown paneling and pea green carpet. The kitchen was even more interesting with paneling, car siding, fake brick with black grout over the paneling, and a very interesting patterned carpet in the shades of brown and orange. The worst room was the bathroom. No shower {or even a shower head}, carpet, gray walls {like linoleum, which was almost pretty} on the lower half and and a wow 70’s flower power, orange wall paper above and on the ceiling…and let’s not forget the plug in the bath tub area. Every room had layers, upon layers, upon layers of wall paper
Remodel To-Do List:
  1. Window Cabinet built in
  2. Kitchen floor
  3. Baseboard
  4. Tiling sink wall
  5. Add Shelves
  6. New hardware
  7. Planking behind fridge
  8. Window and Door trim
  9. Organization for cabinets
Living Room:
  1. Door & Window Trim
  2. Stain & Varnish windows & patio door
  3. Finish ceiling {trim & varnish}
  4. “Grout” stone wall
  5. Storage crates
  6. Ottoman {changed plans and made a new one! Post coming soon.}
N’s Rooms:
  1. Trim window
  2. 2nd coat of poly
  3. Flooring connector
  4. Paint touch up
  5. Finish Bed
  6. Crown Molding
  7. Varnish ceiling
  8. Add window blind
A’s Room:
  1. Add window blinds
  2. Trim Windows
  3. Trim doors
  4. New Bed & canopy cornice
  5. Built in west wall
  6. Diy light {she decided she didn’t want it}
  7. New floor
  8. Fix foundation
  9. Jewelry & Hair accessory storage
Not on the remodel list but very important are fencing and chickens. Finishing the fence around the yard will help our one silly dog and kids stay home {the dog has car issues}. The chickens are becoming an obsession of mine. I love the idea of having my own eggs, knowing what is in my chicken, and the beautiful colors. That and this is a farm and should have farm animals, and chickens is a start.

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