Changing for the Future

Things are changing for the future here. Not only am I actively working on house projects and the farms remodel but so is my internet presence. I actually have a paid for blog/website. Not a freebie presence. Woot!! I have been going back and forth on this subject and whether or not I wanted to go for it, I finally decided to leap. New year, new me!

Sooo my new blog-site is Old Country Love, and things are really rough over there but if you could pop over there and give comment. Thoughts, tips, and little bits of encouragement would be greatly appreciated…as long as they are positive. My fresh content {along the same lines} will be there now and my existing content will remain here and available on the new Old Country Love site.

Old Country


The Lacy

You know you love something when you get a second one.


Well apparently my neighbor loved her turquoise beast {Bathroom Sweet} so much that she requested another one…with a minor change.  She added roping, she loves roping. I would like to say it adds so much to Lacy, and yes she has a name.
This time around it has gone much smoother. We had less mishaps and I can see how my husbands skill has improved. We did end up with one piece that we did not feel we should use and we are keeping it as a pattern piece. I still am jealous that this piece goes to another home and cannot wait to have my own. Although maybe there will be another piece I totally adore and can not live without at that point. Throwing in some pictures of how we put this sweetheart together.

wp-1453477051720.jpgHere you can see the roping we added. The beast {as we call the original} does not have the roping detail.



Here is Lacy all ready for paint.



Lacy with her coats of primer, Dairy Belle by Valspar and Java Glaze by Rustoleum. Below is a picture of the color blend completely finished.


I had to take a 2 day break because the cold spell and fumes were getting to me. I managed to put the final coat of varnish on with the kitchen windows cracked, after the cold spell went away. We are looking at converting our room in the barn to be a craft/finishing space. I am tired of fume headaches, dog hair {I am very diligent in removing the dog hair}, and keeping the dogs out of the kitchen while I finish pieces.

This makes a perfect buffet or console table. I had a chance to stage it in my living room…which only makes me want to have my own even more. Love, love, love this design!






A DIY Christmas: Part 2

SO this Christmas I think I went overboard on do it yourself presents…

Here are the rest of the DIY X-mas presents {read Part 1 here}…

1 Rogue Engineer Dress Up Center




6 Ana White barstools

As you can tell these were a family affair.


Ana White Ladder Shelf



Sadly I don’t have a picture of it finished.In my flurry to finish projects I never got a snap shot.  The shelf was an interesting build for an old farmhouse. We had to build it in the opening for our bathroom, it was the only level/plumb spot!  It definitely was an interesting project and a huge hit!

Please, please, please someone remind me next year to not over due the DIY x-mas present!

A DIY Christmas: Part 1

We had gobs of DIY Christmas presents happening around the farm this year. It started with a special family birthday sign I made last minute for my grandma’s birthday on the 15th and the craziness of trying to finish presents continued through Christmas Eve.

For my fabulous sisters in law and my gorgeous cousin, I made Bath & Body bags. Now I am crunchy so not just any old product will do. Add to it that I wanted to spend minimum…not because of the lovely ladies, but because of my budget. I managed to scrape up some fabulous creations from my kitchen and stores. I made them some fabulous Peppermint Bath Salts, Lavender Oatmeal Soak, and Brownie Sugar Scrub. I swear to God the Brownie scrub smells delicious!


I found the recipe for Peppermint Bath Salts at Our Best Bites/Fizzy Peppermint Bath Salts


The Lavender Oatmeal Soak modified from Princess Pinky Girl/Lavender Bath Soak {I tripled this recipe.}


Finally, the decadent Brownie Sugar Scrub at The Idea Room/Chocolate Sugar Scrub I quadrupled this recipe so I could also give a jar to my grandma…she loves chocolate!



Check out the tutorial links above each item for detailed directions. They were super easy. Definitely perfect for your significant other to make or them for you. I even managed to have a little left over for myself and am waiting for the perfect opportunity to use them!



2015, I would say it was about average. It wasn’t the most exciting, thank God. I turned 34. Not sure if it is because of getting older that I am feeling that I am running out of time. Our house sits not finished but thankfully I didn’t set a goal to finish it last year. Looking back over the last 2 new years posts, I feel like it was an epic fail. This last year we spent way too much time trying to get rid of the new car we bought and at the chiropractor for when I threw my neck out. Always something.

The last year has me realizing a lot of things. I obviously can’t follow thru with a resolution…like millions of others. I am my fathers daughter, which 75% of the time is not a good thing. That money is tight and will be that way unless something changes.

Instead of setting goals or resolutions, this year I am going to try and make changes. Instead of trying to finish rooms, I am going to try and finish projects, yes projects! I am going to try and be more like my mother. I want to end this year in a better financial situation the last couple of years. Pretty Simple, huh?

First, it has become very apparent of my intolerance to voc fumes. Even with ventilation {i.e. open windows} I end up with a migraine. This year I will not be as busy in other areas so I can plan my staining and varnishing projects for outside or in the barn. Usually the periods that are perfect for finishing were also my busiest times. I am also going to explore non-voc stain and varnish options.

Secondly, I know most women would never want to hear they have become there mother but it would help me immensely if I was more like my mother. I am going to try and read one book a month that I know my mother has read and helped her as well as trying to read my Bible more. I know this will require early mornings since it is the quietest part of my day {not a morning person} and earlier bed times. The first book I am reading is The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian.

Third, bring in more money and budget, budget, budget! The hubs already works 3 jobs, yes 3 jobs. He has been known to work 7 days a week. Four of them before sun up and after the sun goes down. The other three days from 3 am until 4pm. Sometimes this has caused a great strain on our relationship, but it helps that 2 of the 3 jobs we can go pester him. I had thought about making and selling furniture. After a certain desk project {blog post soon} I realized that my hubby has the building skills not me. I have the visualizing and finishing skill. We are still considering this, but as a joint effort, not a me effort. This is one the pieces we are working on now, it is a piece I designed from a photo off Pinterest.


I am also looking into becoming Medical Transcriptionist. It is the sort of thing I would like and can be done from home. There is a course through Career Step promoted by Dave Ramsey. He is very picky about who he supports so I am sure it is nothing scam like. Down side, the $3000 price tag. Which we do not have at this moment or the option to do payment plan. This may be in my future sooner than later, possibly after a bathroom remodel that the hubs will be doing with me assisting.

Any who, here is to the new year. May it bring perseverance, a change of character, and new and perfected skills to a better life.

Next Christmas

Next Christmas I will be doing things differently.
Next year I will, hopefully, have Christmas gifts figured out before Halloween. This year has been exhausting trying to get all these presents finished before Christmas eve eve.
Some pictures of our progress…






I know between now and next Christmas we will have new tools that will make present building a lot easier…I know I will be looking into a paint sprayer. Maybe for Valentines day…

Sprayer? …or the painter?

Seriously, I am beginning to hate paint.

I always loved painting. Terracotta pots, walls, watercolors…I loved doing it all until last year. The dreaded turquoise. Granted it was a beautiful piece, I loved the finish, but it started out as a nightmare. You can read about it here.

Part of the nightmare was the excitement of using a score questionable purchase. We had gotten a Black & Decker HVLP Smart Select Sprayer on clearance at the local farm & home store. I had picked it up because my hubby is NOT a painter of any sort. I thought it perfect for painting the house. Granted it would take me longer than a “big” sprayer, but it would definitely take less time than 1 woman and a brush. Well I thought it was the perfect time to give that baby a test run. Perfectly sanded and sitting in the garage was that soon to be turquoise beauty. All ready for primer. I checked the viscosity with the little cup and it should have been fine and all I got was glops of paint shooting out. I thinned some more, and still glops everywhere. Now I would like to point out that I can be really good with a can of spray paint and knew to move your whole arm not just your wrist, still glops. After all the frustration of trying to get the other part of the bathroom set done, I wasted little cuss words time on the sprayer. I cleaned that sprayer up and threw  put it back in its storage bag.

Fast forward to today…working on a x-mas present and the primer has to come out.  After getting one side of it painted I start thinking that it would be nice if my paint sprayer was nicer. Halfway thru the primer, I am on my phone looking at Rogue Engineer and Ana White, searching to see what kind of sprayer they use. After an hour and a half getting 90% of it primed and I am ready to go buy a sprayer!

While the primer dried, I started researching sprayers {that don’t need compressors} that I could run out and get on this rainy, Sunday afternoon.

Awesomely Skilled Sexy

I love my hubby. He is awesomely skilled sexy and I am so jealous!

He got off early today and so we took the opportunity to work on one of the 6 Xmas projects. He started on the bigger one, while started a group of smaller ones. People may not think this but I suck at execution. I can dream up some of the coolest ideas or finishes or design pieces of furniture from a inspiration piece. Yet when I tried to actually build it the simplest things will mess me up. Seriously, I have a hard time hanging up towel bars. UGH!

My hubby managed to finish his “present”, me? I managed a migraine, wasted hours, and a smidgen of work done. He tried to cheer me up, which only sort of works when your more frustrated than sad. Shaking the sawdust off I told him I was glad that he was awesomely skilled sexy and I wished I was too…he told me I was awesomely sexy and that he preferred me that way. ♥

Festive DIY

After an interesting week of mostly lows, I finally managed to get Christmas tree decorated and in a festive mood…for the most part. I still feel blah and stressed, but things will hopefully look better next week. Here is a picture of my tree…xmas tree 2105.jpg

I actually like it a lot. I did not use any of my special ornaments; the hallmark ones or the vintage ones from my great grandmother. We will be moving the tree around a lot so I was not going to chance breaking one very special to me.

Any who, I have been working tonight on brain storming inexpensive diy gifts for family. It seems hard to find ideas when the ages range from 1 to 28. Especially on a tight budget. Some gifts I know I will just end up buying. Definitely for my own 2 kids, which is sad since both my hubby and I have some mad diy skills between the both of us. It is just really hard to find the time to do them when the kids are not around.

I have one big project for a niece, something  or things for my in laws, two sewing projects that are started but require clear focus and patience to finish, and lots of small diy projects that my kids will be thrilled to help me with…as long as they get a set too. Thinking about these gifts make me so excited for Christmas!! I know that each handmade present will be cherished because it came from mind, heart, and hands.

The Best Fit

It is so hard to find the best fit when you have such an awkward space.

Example: 15’x11′ kitchen with a 3’x9′ bump out, 3 doors and a hall entrance. Blah…and let’s not forget the ceilings are not even 8 feet tall and the bump out has an angle to it so it is even shorter. Again, blah. The awkwardness on top of a “possible” kitchen remodel after the addition is done and a small budget makes it really depressing. Hubby doesn’t want to put too much money into the kitchen now since I have asked for an half remodel after addition is finished…about 8 years from now.

I’m finding inspiration in lots of places; gorgeous planking or shiplap, beautifully detailed trims and fabulous diy tutorials. But when I try to fit them into my space they fail miserably. Pinterest and Houzz offer lots of solutions but do not work with my problems. Normally I can be creative and solve problems like this, apparently not when it is my own house. I want wall cabinets {I only have 2 and no spot for more}. I want 9′ ceilings, shoot 8′ foot ceilings would be awesome. If I have to come in my front door to the kitchen, I want it to be an amazing first impression. Honestly, I  would just settle for it being finished.