I have a few of the best neighbors in the world.  Seriously, AMAZING! Anywho one of them makes fabulous bath bombs. I tend to be a bit skeptical about them working in my extremely hard water. Blah hard water, it is a bane.


She gave me this fabulous orange scented bubble bar that looked like a scoop of yummy sherbert months ago and I finally had a chance to use it. I started the bath water and started crunching it in pieces, I think she mentioned about possibly getting 2 bubble baths out of it, but I like bubbles and I knew we had hard water like crazy so I used all of it.


It started off going nicely, but I was somewhat disappointed in the bubble quantity{above}…then it really kicked in {below}.


The bubble bath was amazing!! No kids {at there grandma’s}, candles, and a book. An hour later my water was getting a touch cold and my bubble level was this…


Not bad for a scoop of ice cream.

DIY Dry Shampoo

I love low-poo but sometimes I need an in between, because let’s face it mom’s are busy!

If you do not know what low-poo is here ya go…basically any shampoo that is sulfate and silicone free. Finding one is harder than defining it. There are lots of low-poo options out there and if you want to find out more check out Almost Exactly…LOVE her to death! She is a godsend.

The recipe I use is very simple. It consists of 2 tbsp Arrowroot flour, 2 tbsp baking soda, 2 tbsp of cocoa powder, and 10 drops of an essential oil. If you have not used essential oils before try lavender, generally people do not have a problem with it {I used Grapefruit this time}. You can add corn starch if you have it for added volume and remember to leave out the cocoa if you are fair haired. Put them altogether in a container {I used a cute canning jar} and then mix with a fork.

Add only to the roots…



…I use a big brush to apply…

image…during { see the dry shampoo}…

Let the dry shampoo sit for at least 2 minutes then comb through.

image…and the finish! Way more volume than before…

and I think I need to take more flattering pictures.