The Lacy

You know you love something when you get a second one.


Well apparently my neighbor loved her turquoise beast {Bathroom Sweet} so much that she requested another one…with a minor change.  She added roping, she loves roping. I would like to say it adds so much to Lacy, and yes she has a name.
This time around it has gone much smoother. We had less mishaps and I can see how my husbands skill has improved. We did end up with one piece that we did not feel we should use and we are keeping it as a pattern piece. I still am jealous that this piece goes to another home and cannot wait to have my own. Although maybe there will be another piece I totally adore and can not live without at that point. Throwing in some pictures of how we put this sweetheart together.

wp-1453477051720.jpgHere you can see the roping we added. The beast {as we call the original} does not have the roping detail.



Here is Lacy all ready for paint.



Lacy with her coats of primer, Dairy Belle by Valspar and Java Glaze by Rustoleum. Below is a picture of the color blend completely finished.


I had to take a 2 day break because the cold spell and fumes were getting to me. I managed to put the final coat of varnish on with the kitchen windows cracked, after the cold spell went away. We are looking at converting our room in the barn to be a craft/finishing space. I am tired of fume headaches, dog hair {I am very diligent in removing the dog hair}, and keeping the dogs out of the kitchen while I finish pieces.

This makes a perfect buffet or console table. I had a chance to stage it in my living room…which only makes me want to have my own even more. Love, love, love this design!







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