Priorities in Life

This past couple of months have brought around a lot of changes in the way I have been thinking. Between getting started on a little {big} something called Kon Mari and an interesting week with my husband I have been looking at priorities. Everyone has different priorities; faith, family work, etc. At the beginning of summer I was feeling off balanced and started seriously thinking about my priorities. What they are, why they weren’t working, and what they should be.

I was becoming mentally sick of my life and wanted to drop it all and start from scratch. I felt like there was no end and I was just a hamster in a wheel. I kept running and not getting anywhere. Then one of my neighbors introduced me to the Kon Mari Method. Let me tell you at first I thought “yah, yah, I’ve heard about it before” then I started seeing her after pictures…I immediately bought the book and read it in one afternoon. It was so well worth it, my house is starting to look amazing. However I still kept having the nagging feeling of imbalance that I couldn’t shake off. I started thinking about what I wanted my priorities to be. Part of the Kon Mari process is visualizing what you want your house/life to be like when finished. What my life was starting to become was not as pleasing as I thought it would be. I started mentally making a priorities list in my head. Then my hubby and I had a big misunderstanding and it cemented my mental list. This past week the hubby had a discussion on my list of priorities. Thankfully he approved AND agreed!

Priorities in Life


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