Wood Bleach and Toilet Water

I knew it,

I knew it was going to be an interesting day. After some ups; scoring on some books for half price and getting another section of the kitchen floor stripped{The Best Tool}, I decided a nap was in order. First though I tested out the wood bleach on the black stains on the old wood floor. It has to dry 24 hours before you can do anything else {even neutralize bleach}. I started my lovely nap about 1…and it lasted until about 4 when my daughter came upstairs and said “Mom, N clogged the toilet and the water is coming out!”

What a way to wake up.


Write It Down

It’s going to be a long day.

Why is it my body decided that I should get up at 2:30 am this morning with the hubby?

I mean I don’t mind feeling wide awake at awful times in the early am {read: I am a night person}. But if I am going to be able to patiently and lovingly care for my children, dogs, and home, why would I WANT to be up at that time?

So back to post title; I have been doing the famously popular Kon Mari Method to our home. Y’all probably know what the basis of how it works; going through things by category, getting rid of items that do not spark joy. So far it has been amazing. I am already through clothes and paper/books and about half way thru komono. So when my body decided to keep me awake at 3 this morning I decided to redo books. {Background-yesterday I reorganized my fabric stash by using the ugly bookcase, loving the book case now.} I think the dogs in the room thought I was nuts and should go to bed. About half way through the books I thought of a really awesome blog topic…guess what? I didn’t write it down…




I have a few of the best neighbors in the world.  Seriously, AMAZING! Anywho one of them makes fabulous bath bombs. I tend to be a bit skeptical about them working in my extremely hard water. Blah hard water, it is a bane.


She gave me this fabulous orange scented bubble bar that looked like a scoop of yummy sherbert months ago and I finally had a chance to use it. I started the bath water and started crunching it in pieces, I think she mentioned about possibly getting 2 bubble baths out of it, but I like bubbles and I knew we had hard water like crazy so I used all of it.


It started off going nicely, but I was somewhat disappointed in the bubble quantity{above}…then it really kicked in {below}.


The bubble bath was amazing!! No kids {at there grandma’s}, candles, and a book. An hour later my water was getting a touch cold and my bubble level was this…


Not bad for a scoop of ice cream.