Problem Solved, Problem Created


So in solving the problem of the wood floor, I created a new problem…


…a dark kitchen. {This picture is just natural light.}


Even with the lights on it is still a little dark for me…also throw in the fact that the floor is raw wood in this picture. After varnishing it, it will look something like this {the floors age makes gives a varied color affect}…


…the cabinets will definitely be too dark together for my liking. I had thought about painting my cabinets a light grey…Stately Graystone by Valspar. I just don’t know.

imageMy real problem is I love farmhouse kitchens and am really attracted to white. Which is ridiculous because 2 labs + 2 kids + 1 landscaper hubby = a lot of dirt. Painting my cabinets grey give me another problem, I will definitely need to repaint the kitchen. I can’t find a color that I like to go with the grey AND I always like a color that will coordinate with my Christmas decor {I know, I know…weird}.

I would love to have my kitchen look like this…

Minus the chrome fixtures…and I would love a double basin drainboard sink!

What do y’all think, should I be brave & white or not??

8 thoughts on “Problem Solved, Problem Created

  1. Love the new floors. Trying to get Liz to let me pull up the carpet as we have an older home with wood floors. I like the idea of white too. Yet another project I have to undertake the next couple of years is to revamp the kitchen. We’re going white cabinets too.

  2. If you want white cabinets, paint them white. πŸ™‚ I am wondering if I should paint mine or just restrain the wood. I too love white but it would be a huge project I’m not sure I want to do. If I stain them and if I end up not liking them them I could always paint them. Good luck with yours. I am going to stay tuned. If you do, I might! Hahahaha. Have a great Monday! Koko

  3. paint them white!! It’ll look fabulous! Keep a spray bottle of simple green under the sink, it’s amazing to clean with! Easy too!

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