Paint becomes a Stain

I never throw paint out. I have gallons upon gallons, as well as quarts and samples in my basement. And I am a color freak…it has to be just right.

I am working on a fabulous new piece to replace the never finished storage ottoman. Shanty 2 Chic is one of the talented people I love to follow! {Click links to check them out!} I am totally in love with there Bench Coffee Table!

It was super easy to build…despite my silly goofs from being to tired.


You can see my first set of legs I cut totally wrong. Still it took me less than a day to get it cut and put together.

I let my bench coffee table sit for over a week so I could really think on the finish I want to give it. I decided to put a base stain in gunstock {I never know how much stain I want showing, hence the stain all over} then layers of different colors of paint on top.




{Sloppy coat of light blue}

When you have as much paint as I do laying around you usually have the right color in hand. The problem is I am finding that some of my older paints, even though they haven’t been opened in years, are now acting almost as a water based stain…showing the grain and stain through the paint. Like the gorgeous blue above. I like using the paint that has become a stain to my advantage!


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