Garden to Feed


Look at those brand spanking new gloves…they look way too clean!

So honest to God I am not a veggie person…but that doesn’t stop me from gardening for food. Last year I had a late start on everything…this year is different. This year I have a huge purpose, growth enough veggies for real dog food through out the winter. I broke out my new gloves a couple of days ago and started on the job.

First we yanked out all the dead veggie plants from last year…the green to the right in the picture is the rhubarb {I don’t eat it but we planted it for my grandpa}.


Then we put horse manure on the asparagus…note to self don’t let hubby get manure, he didn’t get aged. Supposedly you can put fresh manure as a topper but you can’t mix it in the soil. If the asparagus dies he gets to buy me a new one. {Lucky for me my neighbor has aged manure…I will definitely be taking some 5 gallon buckets up to here house!}


After a long lunch with daddy…4 hours, don’t ask. We started prepping the other side of the veggie garden. All tilled up. Now I don’t use a rototiller, I use this yard tool thingy that you can get probably any hardware store/garden center. I got mine at Menards for about $20. You can get them on sale but every time I tried last year it was sold out.


Then we headed to our local {okay we are nowhere, but they locally owned, close-ish, and have awesome quality} green house…Red Barn Nursery. Love them, I will be going back in a few weeks to get my peppers & tomatoes. As well as some herbs. We managed to get our broccoli, cauliflower, and onions planted.


Our Broccoli plants are…

  • Packman
  • Aspabroc {F1 Hybrid} Baby Broccoli


  • Cheddar {Orange head}
  • Snowball

I don’t remember what variety onions we bought, but they are yellow and red. I also have potatoes but need to let them sit in the warm sun for awhile before cutting and planting. I bought 5lbs German Butterball from Seedsavers and 5lbs red potatoes from Red Barn Nursery {facebook}.

After all the excitement of veggies and manure…we had another project to tackle. Planting 20 bare root oak trees! Thankfully the helpers were motivated by pizza, candy, and ice cream!




I can safely say that I broke in the gloves! No longer are they a smidge tight and they are filthy!



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