We’re Loggers, We’re Loggers!

Yesterday I was all set to go to my mom’s for the day {and night} then fate struck. I knew we had to be in my hometown at some point soon for a dental cleaning {no pediatric dentists in the the area} but wasn’t sure when and I couldn’t find the appointment on my phone’s calender. Half way to my mom’s my phone rings while I’m driving. It was the dentist, A’s cleaning was Monday, ARGHHH! Ick, after some finagling with my chiropractic appointment that was for today, in previously mentioned hometown, we changed our course. We dropped the diddle-widdles {Deedee} at my mother in law’s house and got groceries and then lunch with my mom, who drove down to the half way town.

After N finally getting his wish to leave Culver’s {he just learned how to use his bike really well, so he’s focused} I called the hubby and said “hey we should get wood tonight.” Apparently it didn’t dawn on me that the truck was loaded from the load we got Sunday…another argh! I unloaded about half of it before the hubby got home. {I would like to note that I loaded most of this load.}

image{Above} the truck had some massive size babies on it.

image My hand on one of the big honkers…pretty darn good for someone with heart conditions and heart failure!

imageMy hubby has the easy job – use the crawler to knock it down…

wpid-wp-1427420494255.jpeg…and then cut it  up with the chainsaw.

imageWhile me and my sloggers {I love them, they are amazing} get the heavy work!

imageWe got the truck a little more full than this and most of the rest were bigger than you see on the truck. It also ended early. After hubby fixed the blade I noticed it was sounding different {he didn’t notice}, almost rattling more than I thought it should. I was right, apparently something went on the pull cord {no clue as to what its called 🙂 } and now it needs to get fixed, thank you warranty.

I think I have had enough cardio for the week since the hubby only loaded 6 logs!


Crockpot Dog Food 1


I love my pups!

Even when one is in heat and the other wants to release his urges {can we say oy?}… Anyway I have started making what I call “real” dog food for the dogs {3- Harley, Mishka, & Deedee}.

I stumbled across it last year when our beagle, Duffy, was diagnosed with really bad thyroid problems and a guess from the vet that he had cancer. We could not afford the $2-3,000 for biopsy. So I turned to more natural methods. I tried adding more vitamin c to his diet, giving him some kelp + vitamins crumble, on top of the thyroid drug they had given us to try and shrink the mass on his neck. After a couple weeks the growth on his neck had grown to the point where he could not eat hard kibble. I looked at some soft food cans but that got expensive {I’m really picky about my dog food & ingredients}, especially since they were grain free {can make cancer worse in dogs}. Then I started searching the internet for dog food recipes. I found the book “The Whole Pet Diet” by Andi Brown and “Feed Your Best Friend Better” by Rick Woodford. Since I had my own medical crisis in the middle of Duffy’s crisis I never had the chance to try “The Whole Pet Diet on Duffy…time now is now why I have not had a chance to do this the doggies now. If you have a chance I suggest you get BOTH books!

Crock Pot Dog Food #1

I love crock pot recipes because they are soooo easy! Throw it in and done.


  • 3lbs Chicken {ground, breast or thigh- breast is easiest}
  • 2 med-large sweet potatoes {Deedee is obsessed with them}
  • 8 oz peas {I use frozen when out of season}
  • 8 oz carrots, chopped and sliced
  • 1 cup blueberries
  • 2 tablespoons wheat germ {Omega-3, Vitamin E, & Vitamin B}

Place chicken in bottom of crock pot and cover with water. Add all other items, cook on low for 12 hrs or high for about 6 hours. Mix well {if using thighs, remove bones now} I love using my potato masher. Tada DONE! Just make sure it’s cooled off before you give it to them.

wpid-wp-1427307027504.jpegChicken Breasts
imageCarrots & Sweet Potatoes

imageHere it is all cooked, I also made some brown rice afterwards to stretch it some. Roughly 2 cups BEFORE cooked.


image{Mishka lovin’ his food!}

I usually mix it in with the boys {Harley & Mishka} hard grain-free kibble and straight up for Deedee.

I love my new storage system I came up with, ice cream buckets!

DIY Dry Shampoo

I love low-poo but sometimes I need an in between, because let’s face it mom’s are busy!

If you do not know what low-poo is here ya go…basically any shampoo that is sulfate and silicone free. Finding one is harder than defining it. There are lots of low-poo options out there and if you want to find out more check out Almost Exactly…LOVE her to death! She is a godsend.

The recipe I use is very simple. It consists of 2 tbsp Arrowroot flour, 2 tbsp baking soda, 2 tbsp of cocoa powder, and 10 drops of an essential oil. If you have not used essential oils before try lavender, generally people do not have a problem with it {I used Grapefruit this time}. You can add corn starch if you have it for added volume and remember to leave out the cocoa if you are fair haired. Put them altogether in a container {I used a cute canning jar} and then mix with a fork.

Add only to the roots…



…I use a big brush to apply…

image…during { see the dry shampoo}…

Let the dry shampoo sit for at least 2 minutes then comb through.

image…and the finish! Way more volume than before…

and I think I need to take more flattering pictures.

Thrift Store Love

Whenever I am up visiting my family I like to hit shops that aren’t available in my area. Since money is always a concern and I like bargains, I try to stop at 2 different resale shops. The first place mom, kiddos, and I ventured into was the Rockford Rescue Mission Thrift Store in Rockford is amazing.
This week I scored big here. I managed to get 2 pairs of shorts, a pair of jeans, men’s Sonoma button down shirt, and a ladies button down shirt. Plus an old navy belt, a vintage bracelet, a straw handbag and 2 bright retro bandanas! All for $23!!!

Then we stopped at the other resale store called Sharestuff and managed to get a nice pair of Levi’s and a pair of Vigoss for $11. Woowhoo!
All I need to find now is some really sweet sandals!

Bad Bugs

I hate sickness…I hate feeling pain, nausea, body aches. They stop me from doing things I need and want to do.
My son is suffering from a bug that is taking its toll on him.


This just a week after I fought a different bug for a week. A lot of people don’t realize though how long it takes to recoup when you have heart failure. What may take a normal person a day or 2 to recover can take me weeks. This is especially hard when the bad bugs keep knocking at your door. We have had years where as soon as your over one thing it morphs into another and less than a week later your sick again. Or one person is sick each week of the month and then it starts allover with the first person. We call these plagues in our house…I think this is a plague year. We did really good until mid January with the kids getting a nasty cough. February wasn’t too bad, until the hubby got sick after Valentine’s day then it seemed to hit the fan…plague time!
Thankfully we are having a somewhat warm day {36° right now, high of 42°} so I have windows cracked, I’ve sprayed lysol{I’m a organic, natural type but when we get plagues, Lysol comes out}, and have put air purifying essential oils in my humidifying kettle.
Hopefully the warm spell {in the 50’s next week} will mean plenty of fresh air coming into the house next week! Maybe I will pick the warmest day and sun myself on the porch and make some vitamin d.