Review: Masterforce Black Zirconium Discs

So that frustrating project that involved shellac I mentioned previously, well it just got sanded.
Let me back track, so I sprayed shellac over the whole piece and it looked promising. Let it sit like they said. I even waited past the amount of time to start painting it again. Well as soon as it started drying the stain started bleeding through. Sigh, hence this review on sanding discs.
After trying the shellac then paint method I just decided to sand the up to 4 coats of paint and 1 coat of stain off. Well I dreaded it…I really didn’t want to take all that paint off but I couldn’t let it be the wrong color or look like blue stain. So I started sanding. I went thru 2 discs of your standard, 80 grit, hook and loop sand paper and barely made a dent in it! Well when I was at Menard’s the last time I had to get MasterForce Black Zirconium {hook & loop discs} in 80 and 120 grit.

I was really questioning the purchase and I thought well it is supposed to prevent clogging, what the hell let’s try. With 1, ONE disc I was able to get the top part to this!


And the underside of my project to this…



Woot woot!!! I LOVE this stuff! And the amazing part is it went to take off even more paint off from the side corbels!


You can see the disc is tattered on the edge but the center is still good for sanding! I will definitely be buying more Masterforce Black Zirconium discs.


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