Plans VS Actuality

We all make plans and more than once have they fallen short; happily changed or disastrously ruined. In the last 24 hours my plans got changed and I am having a hard time with it.

We have been working on A’s built ins for the last 2 weeks, everything going smoothly working in the house. The outside not so well. Our garage is very drafty and we have a heater for it, the fumes coming out of it actually make your eyes and lungs burn. Yuck! This makes more mess for me to clean up in the kitchen {where we have been doing most of the constructing} and making cuts in the garage an annoying job. We {hubby} finally had enough friday morning, we had to do something about keeping our garage warm without choking ourselves out. After we had the the top put together {but not attached} in the kitchen, the hubs decided to look for the manual. Low & behold he actually still had it and you could still read it. After sitting in the garage for almost 2 years that is a wow. Apparently unbeknownst to the hubby you are supposed to clean and replace filters on it. I would like to point out he is awesome about maintenance for things at work, not so great at home.  So at about 10am we head into town {about 45 minutes} to local Farm & Fleet {where he THOUGHT he bought it}. They didn’t have the filters there and no one he trusted to ask about fixing it. {I got an awesome Black & Decker Paint sprayer on clearance – SCORE! Can’t wait to try it.} We then headed over to Menard’s – another SCORE, apparently we must have bought it at Menard’s because they had the filters there! After we got back home {at 2:30ish}, while playing with his new toy…I mean tool {scroll saw}…he managed to get all the nasty diesel out of the heater. From now on I think it’s going to be expensive kerosine for us.

The other reason we went to town was I have been working on a project with my diy chalk paint and I am having issues with it. The stupid stain keeps bleeding thru the paint! I thought maybe a fancy foam roller would help instead of the brush, NOT! After consulting with people wiser than me {mom} and the internet, I need to put some shellac on it. Which I can’t get today because the truck doesn’t like me, the car key is broke, and the hubby has my Jeep. Blah!

While the hubby was working on the built ins I thought I would do some work on the kitchen window built in. Well I tried to get one piece up to cover the seems…it’s too narrow. It also looks like we will be taking shelf part apart {where lighting is} and pocket jigging it up and THEN putting the piece up to cover the seam. So I started to work on the apron that goes along the ceiling. Everything looked good until I realized that my ceiling is 3/4″ higher on one side. I think we have a solution, but won’t know until further dinkering.

This morning I actually managed to get one thing accomplished. I got one side of A’s built ins {the inside} spray painted…it looks adorable thank God!
I used Rustoleum x2 in Sweet Pea.

I just started thinking I might actually get some things done today and I start putting up the backing for her headband holder. Well let me tell you know matter what I do this thing curves! Well the hubby suggested screwing it to the wall…very logical. So I start by finding by stud, otherwise it’s pointless. Hubby’s idea is perfect…but only on one side. ARGH! Then I thought “hey, put the trim up and screw the trim on the bad side to the stud”…well I got the trim, which is actually chair rail we wouldn’t be using, and cut one side. I hate it, looks disgusting, it’s too wide and doesn’t go well with it at all. So this is what I am looking at right now…and no that 1″ x4” is not the trim! I used it to try and hold it flat against the wall.

We did have one really awesome thing about this week, I found amazing antique french doors {with 95% of the original hardware – missing half a hinge} that we scored for $130!

It has some original glass…oooo the antique wave of it. We had originally planned to have a locking barn door for the future bathroom but the hubby decided he didn’t like it {after a year} and liked the idea of the frosting the glass on the french doors. I love that they match the antique cabinets we have sitting in the barn for the bathroom. We both love that we won’t have to shell out about $300 to make a barn door for the bathroom!


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