A Little Trimming!

Well after getting the fabulous floor finished {Natural Birch} we had to trim the room. We started with adding trim to the windows, and do to the hubby’s failure to measure correctly {he rarely does anymore} we have 95% of the window trim up. My baby girl has 5 windows in her little bedroom, 5…I love windows and her views are amazing.


It’s very simple but it works with the old farmhouse feel I am going for. They will be stained dark then varnished. I know it’s somewhat backwards; technically its stain, put on wall, then varnish but oh well.

We had another little problem on my part and so we did not have enough 1×6 inch boards for baseboard. {Forget 1×6’s for finish framing her closet door.}  Then we had a “do we do the built in’s now or later” problem. We decided now, then I would not be messing up window trim on the west wall later. Even though technically we could have waited to do them after the addition. I think it’s smart to do them now, it should add value to the house. We sketched them up this evening and tomorrow we go get the supplies. Apparently the next room to be finished it A’s. So excited for my baby girl, her room is going to be fabulous!!!



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