Splash It All!

So I am in a bind with my back splash…we had cracked tile. Normally that would not be a problem buuuut, I can not find one important tile. The listello is a 3″ x 8″, white porcelain vine and flower pattern. We bought it at Menards, they do not carry it anymore and I do not have any extras {read big frowny face}. The plain white tile should be easy and I have about 12 of the rail pieces {not shown} left.


Anyone know where I can get this…



Sigh, never ending. Anyway My fabulous hubby brought me home a present. FRESH FLOWERS!!!


And not only did he bring me home flowers, he did some outside chores and worked on beautiful kitchen window piece. I don’t know what to call it, but I love it!

It dawned on me this morning that I had to have it stained or finished to the point where I won’t mess up the lights. Which meant I had to decide in a hurry what I wanted it to look like. After a epic fail in the lighter stain department, I went for a stain that would match my other cabinets.

Light stain…


We managed to get the holes drilled for the lighting and the lights ready for the electric box he will hopefully get to later this week. I am absolutely in love with it and cannot to have it finished.



Back to the tile problem…not sure if I should try and find a similar tile, have the hubby rip the rest of it off and do different back splash, or what?





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