Pallet Pleasing

This Xmas I made a few handmade/homemade gifts for family. I had my first experience with pallets, was that interesting.


Well let’s just say that the saw-zaw (apparently it is, saws-all or sawzall) is your best friend when taking these babies apart! After a failed attempt of gently taking it apart, the hubby broke out his tiger saw. Worked like a charm!

After a quick scrub in the tub with Jungle Jake (awesome cleaner/degreaser)…they got a smidge polished with the sander. Not too much, we want it rough.


Excuse the mess, my garage is a constant workshop of unfinished projects.

After playing around with board placement I got down to the serious work.


First I used 1 inch screws that were on the shelf to attach the horizontal boards to the vertical ones.


Then I got to play with hook placement.


After I had it just right, I screwed those suckers on and whalaa! Rustic coat storage!


I absolutely love it!!! I hope my cousin will too! The best part? It cost me a whopping $5.60!


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