Splash It All!

So I am in a bind with my back splash…we had cracked tile. Normally that would not be a problem buuuut, I can not find one important tile. The listello is a 3″ x 8″, white porcelain vine and flower pattern. We bought it at Menards, they do not carry it anymore and I do not have any extras {read big frowny face}. The plain white tile should be easy and I have about 12 of the rail pieces {not shown} left.


Anyone know where I can get this…



Sigh, never ending. Anyway My fabulous hubby brought me home a present. FRESH FLOWERS!!!


And not only did he bring me home flowers, he did some outside chores and worked on beautiful kitchen window piece. I don’t know what to call it, but I love it!

It dawned on me this morning that I had to have it stained or finished to the point where I won’t mess up the lights. Which meant I had to decide in a hurry what I wanted it to look like. After a epic fail in the lighter stain department, I went for a stain that would match my other cabinets.

Light stain…


We managed to get the holes drilled for the lighting and the lights ready for the electric box he will hopefully get to later this week. I am absolutely in love with it and cannot to have it finished.



Back to the tile problem…not sure if I should try and find a similar tile, have the hubby rip the rest of it off and do different back splash, or what?





Can We Build It? Yes We Can!

Yes I know, it’s like a bad kids cartoon! But I love when my N “helps” work on projects. This is going to be one awesome birthday present. I know, I know you have no clue what I am talking about. My hubby has learned some bad ass skills in the last 8 years, I could not be more proud of him.

Anyway, back to my birthday present, I have been wanting to give our kitchen a more “custom cabinetry” look. I mentioned in a previous post {Two Rooms Ahead of Myself} that I wanted to add some character to the smaller kitchen window. Well the time has come!!!

My plans were simple with a gorgeous curvy accent with surprise accents.


My before, serviceable but aesthetically boring.

First we had to remove some tile, which will have to be redone…I did a good job, it was a pain to get off. The row had to be taken off as well as some broken tiles.


After the tile was removed we tacked our base trim and then got down to the hard work.


My design is somewhat simple…with a few character touches. Like the side pieces out 2″ x 12″ boards. I drew the design and my handy hubby cut it with the jigsaw.


The finished cut…at this point I started dancing around my kitchen…seriously.


We put the basics of it together…


…then attached it to the wall. Which was somewhat interesting since the kitchen was never gutted. The walls are very interesting in this part of the house. This wall has drain tile in some spots, and is 1/4″ drywall over plaster and lath. So stud finding in this room is pretty difficult.


It looks uber-fabulous…one problem though. I don’t know how to finish it…

2014 Goal Review

Almost a whole year back, one of my first posts was A Goal….or is it a Resolution? I wrote about my goals for this year. Well I have to say it flopped royally! Yes I managed to get things done, woowhoo, but not what I wanted to accomplish. My house still sits unfinished. No addition for us in the next year.


We had a lot of setbacks like a new car & new ICD {please check out my Go Fund Me link to the left}, projects have come to pretty much a stand still. I did manage to get some things done this year. We have officially finished the bathroom (no reveal yet) and wood stove installed.


We also managed to get 95% of the stairs, chicken coop and run,  and N’s room finished. Other little things got finished like the stone wall and book shelf/tv stand. I also refinished part of the wood floor in the kitchen.

I am going to be much more realistic about this year’s goals…

N’s room finished – N needs paint touched up, window trim, the ceiling sealed, and his loft bed stained and varnished.

Finish Stairs – I just feel ridiculous that the stairs did not get finished this year. It’s to do list consists of sanding the stain off that did not dry right, then finishing them and some trim work.

Living Room – I really really want to get the living room finished. Thankfully there is not a lot on the living room to do list, mostly trim work.

It sucks that most of that most of the jobs that need to be finished includes fumes. I feel like I am stuck in the middle of the movie Money Pit, Are We Done Yet?, and Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House.

Pallet Pleasing

This Xmas I made a few handmade/homemade gifts for family. I had my first experience with pallets, was that interesting.


Well let’s just say that the saw-zaw (apparently it is, saws-all or sawzall) is your best friend when taking these babies apart! After a failed attempt of gently taking it apart, the hubby broke out his tiger saw. Worked like a charm!

After a quick scrub in the tub with Jungle Jake (awesome cleaner/degreaser)…they got a smidge polished with the sander. Not too much, we want it rough.


Excuse the mess, my garage is a constant workshop of unfinished projects.

After playing around with board placement I got down to the serious work.


First I used 1 inch screws that were on the shelf to attach the horizontal boards to the vertical ones.


Then I got to play with hook placement.


After I had it just right, I screwed those suckers on and whalaa! Rustic coat storage!


I absolutely love it!!! I hope my cousin will too! The best part? It cost me a whopping $5.60!


So after messing around making some jewelry display stands for a friend…



…a nice gent stopped in and liked them so much he wanted some picture frames. Woowhoo!
So I have never made picture frames before, but I do know HOW to make them. I loved Ana White’s plan so I modified it to suit my needs.


Since I have a ICD and some tools don’t play well with it, the hubby is full time cutter on the table saw and helped. Isn’t he nice?
We made one for the gent to see and make sure he liked my “vision”…


…this is the unfinished version. He delightfully approved after it was stained, distressed, and varnished. Yay!
Then we got down to cutting for the other 4 matching frames.


It was so simple to put together! We used 1″ x 6″ boards stripped down so the frame size would look aesthetically pleasing the picture size, pocket jigs and some luaun.
I created an assembly line of sorts for staining/distressing & finishing part.


If you did not have to varnish these, it would so be a 2 hour project! I am loving spray varnish though, super awesome!
The finished piece!



Handmade Holiday

So this year since the budget is soo tight, we cut our gift giving to a minimum. It’s hard to make handmade gifts for your kiddos when you have them all the time and they apparently don’t understand “stay downstairs”.  With that in mind I was able to get one thing made for my baby girl (okay she’s 7 but hello only daughter). Not sure if I will get to my little boy’s handmade gifts…flannel pants and a tool belt.


The few people I’m trying to give gifts for besides the kids are at the hands of my sewing machine and power tools!!! And I feel pretty confident since I have only hurt myself once!…maybe I should get more band aids?

merry xmas yard

Tami Lyn Est. 1934

SO in the midst of all my hubbalooo, I started a little something just for fun. My friend said I should take ownership so here it is Tami Lyn Est. 1934…

wood thingy
It started out as a favor to a friend for her shop and hopefully it will grow. These are some I have already done.





Eventually I hope to have an Etsy Shop or something similar…any thoughts on best format?

Catch Up

Some days I feel like I can never catch up to what is falling behind. Things like house work, kids, dogs, medical bills and all the other things I feel I should be doing get left in the dust of parent hood. I have had plans, good intentions and post topics that I have wanted to share with you for over 2 months, but life happened.

To get you up to date, my last post was October 5th! Since then our family has lost another dear family member in which we helped clean up his house, garage and 3 storage units…WHEW! We did not bear all the grunt of it, my Great-Uncle & Great-Aunt had most of the work, but family helped a great deal and we all managed to get the house & units cleaned out and they had the house sold in less than a month!! Amazing, I know.

Then we spent the end of October traveling to visit my grandma in Myrtle Beach, SC. We got there and back safely which is a miracle. Our spirits were dampened just a little when we got there and saw that she had thrown her back out and could not come with us for mini-put and beach play.

November was a blur between unpacking, cleaning my Great-Uncle’s house and sickness. I honestly do not remember much beyond the fact that my daughter helped me make her birthday cake and spending Thanksgiving at my Grandma’s farm. That and my mom’s flooring fiasco (don’t ask).

I was hoping December would be calmer, haha. In the first 7 days of the month I spent 6 of them 2 hours away from home. Also in that first week I found out that I was sent to collections on one of the medical bills (despite repeated payments or notice) and another family member was going to be dealing with their own problem (not going into details).  I had my first snow experience in the new Jeep…OMGosh, not fun. Really wishing I had stuck my ground on 4-wheel drive….

Since money is so tight compared to the beginning of the year Christmas present giving is almost non-existent, which depresses me. I love trying to find the perfect gift for my loved ones. It is really hard to not be able to give the kids what they want, but thankfully they had very small wishlists this year. I spent about $200 on them which sounds like a lot but when you look at the presents, it’s not. The few gifts I am giving to other family members are extremely creative and cost next to nothing (which I will share after Xmas).

I certainly pray that your year is better than ours!

I also want to drop a note that I did start a Go Fund Me for my medical expenses. As of now the big one ($147,000) may be being contested by the hospital. Please check it out, share, donate whatever you can do to help…Tami’s Mini-Vaca in the Hosptial