Dust Everywhere

So I had a choice to make this morning, work on N’s bed or my closet for my clothes. Hmm toys out of the living room or my clothes where they belong??? The organize freak is saying clothes, the mom is saying get those toys out of the living room. Guess what? “Mom” won out.

So I spent my day working on N’s bed. Did you know that polyshades {stain & varnish in one} is awesome IF you know you are going to want it that color for eternity AND do not plan on reusing the wood. N’s bed is a loft style bed, we got the plans from The Design Confidential.


It is awesome and easy to make. We had some sturdy 4×4’s already that we decided to reuse. We built it over a year ago and I am just now getting to finish it. I decided to stain & varnish {Kona} it…one problem. Those previously mentioned 4×4’s which were a blessing ended up to be not so great. They had been coated with a polyshade AND multiple coats of floor varnish. Not sure at all what I was thinking. This is what I have removed so far…


Tomorrow I get to run to the hardware store and get more sandpaper { thank God for my new orbital sander} and some varnish for it…and then clean the dust.


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