Motivated DIY’er

This is one motivated DIY’er! Yesterday was work on house day, and as much as I wanted the stove done it did not get done…


…but at least it got placed on our diy hearth pad. We could have gotten more done if a trip to Menards was called for, a 3 hour trip. Which resulted in out of stock items and unplanned pieces of wood for trim.
So my living room is somewhat back together from the hearth pad project mess, but still no stove {read frowny face}.
I did get some unexpected progress done today! I got the 1st coat of green on the last wall that needs it in N’s room. His last wall is just one solid color. And that wood I mentioned? That is his trim.


As well as some house painting done…like the outside above a roof. I got the first coat of that done while the hubby was having minor issues with the outdoor chimney pipe.
N’s room is so close to being done with just some painting, stain & varnish and  finishing his bed {which I decided to stain in Kona}. Super excited about the slight possibility of getting N’s room done this week, Eeeeek! If not, then this month. Happy dance!


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