A Juggler

Sometimes I feel like a juggler, you know all dressed up like a jester frantically running around trying to keep all the balls up in the air. Between being a mom, wife, wedding florist, and home remodel-er it can get kind of crazy. I wake every morning and say “okay Lord, what can we squeeze in today?” Then there are the days where I think there is something scheduled and drive at least 45 minutes to get there to be told I cannot do it that day or that I do not have an appointment. I had 2 of those days this week. In fact this whole year has me feeling like a juggler.

There were 2 whole days “wasted” by driving somewhere when I could have been working on actually cleaning my house! Or getting the trim stained & varnished for the hearth pad…which still sits waiting to be grouted. It feels like a 2 steps forward, one step back affair; just when I feel ahead I get thrown back. Hopefully the rest of the week goes more smoothly…


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