Two Rooms Ahead of Myself

Sometimes I get so excited about something that I start jumping ahead of myself. I am on the tail end of N’s room{Yes!!! – fist pump} just some little touch ups, then some finishing of the living room. One project for the living room involves stain/varnish a 6′ patio door, a 4′ window and an 8′ bay window {I love it!} will wait until next year. I hoping to get most of the living room done by Christmas. I know ambitious. So of the “two rooms ahead of myself” N’s room is 1 and the living room would be 2…but here I sit looking at this…


What am I going to do about this? We had a replacement window there but it had been taken out and then put in again. So the problem was every time the rain or snow came hitting that wall we had lots of moisture…sigh and mold. So we ripped that window out and put these windows in. I love them, they are so easy to open!
My plan? I am thinking of huge distresses corbels on either side of it with a huge built in shelf like thingy {love it?} across the top with cabinet lights illuminating the sink.
Something like this maybe…

{I found this on Pinterest, but could not find it on there website.}

Was thinking maybe a red? But that could be my Christmas fever striking me.


Un-Budgeted Wanting…

The hardest part of being on a budget {surgery and car, so not expected} is getting catalogs in the mail! Ugh I just got Lands End and I wish I would have just throw it in the garbage first.


I flipped thru it with a lot of sighs of “ooo that’s beautiful” that turned into “gack, ouch $$$”. It was not to bad until I got to page 43…


Sigh….love…mmmmm coriander! But $99 for new boots is not in the budget, and a stretch. Then I notice it is on sale 25% off…I think I will go check what size my other Lands End boots are, the padding IS starting to go…

Two Birds, One Bush

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush...right now I feel like one of those birds in the bush.

It is sooooo hard sharing the “bush” AKA workshop/garage with another bird. Especially if he is not the most tidy of birds. As you may have guessed the hubby and I are the birds and the bush is our workshop. It is really a garage, but I never can fit my Jeep in it. It is always full of projects we are working on and the tools for them. So frustrating to try and work when it is half full of projects and a mess on top of it. I would tackle that project in a heartbeat if I did not have to hear about him not finding anything.

Take today for an example, I am trying to finish the trim for N’s room. We have two sets of sawhorses…TWO! At first I complained about the mess and that he had stacked boards on top of my trim. Mind you he was not even home. Instead of grabbing the one set of saw horses that were still sitting in the middle of the yard from a recent drywall project, I complained & griped about having to just put the boards wherever and finish them where they lay. I was already having an interesting day…possibly even one of those “moments” from Mom’s Night Out, which is fabulous! I have been having a lot of profound moments lately…I think it is God working on me. Anyway, I was on my next to last piece of trim and thought to myself, “this isn’t Hubby’s problem,” okay well he did leave the saw horses out. I had an epiphany, a maturing thought, stop being a big whiny butt and put your big girl boots on and go get those saw horses yourself! Writing it out and reading it, it looks infantile and I feel somewhat childish but at the moment it was profound. AT least though it did make me change most of my attitude about my day.

Motivated DIY’er

This is one motivated DIY’er! Yesterday was work on house day, and as much as I wanted the stove done it did not get done…


…but at least it got placed on our diy hearth pad. We could have gotten more done if a trip to Menards was called for, a 3 hour trip. Which resulted in out of stock items and unplanned pieces of wood for trim.
So my living room is somewhat back together from the hearth pad project mess, but still no stove {read frowny face}.
I did get some unexpected progress done today! I got the 1st coat of green on the last wall that needs it in N’s room. His last wall is just one solid color. And that wood I mentioned? That is his trim.


As well as some house painting done…like the outside above a roof. I got the first coat of that done while the hubby was having minor issues with the outdoor chimney pipe.
N’s room is so close to being done with just some painting, stain & varnish and  finishing his bed {which I decided to stain in Kona}. Super excited about the slight possibility of getting N’s room done this week, Eeeeek! If not, then this month. Happy dance!


Well it has been two weeks since my post on readjusted goals for this year {Blue Funk}. You may have read about the diy-ed wood ledges {On a Ledge} and you will soon hear about the TV shelf…that almost was not. Thank you hubby for your creative thinking and muscles!

My small projects include…
Wood picture ledges for the master bedroom
Finishing our diy-ed TV shelf…you will love!
Finishing trim and painting in N’s room**
Some work on master bedroom…drywall, trim, & paint

Those of you following along know that we had originally planned to put the wood stove on our stone wall…it was not meant to be. Between the time and cost it would take to go through the wall and then up the old chimney we would be grief stricken and cold by February. It is now on the east wall of our living room. We had to get creative then for that new TV stand since it would have to be on stone wall, I think our solution is awesome {I know I just dated myself}.

**N’s room is going to be somewhat easier, the stripes on the last wall would not be level {sigh, old house settling}. N and I decided that we would just paint it one the colors and look for tractor and construction vinyl for that wall. Then just some coats of poly {stain & varnish in one for those wondering} on the trim. I still have not decided how I am going to finish his bed.

We had been bouncing around working on other projects {finishing stone wall & TV stand} but after a recent cold snap Friday where we broke the record low, we decided that focusing on getting the wood stove installed was in the best interest. I would like to note that we have fencing up for the chickens so we should be somewhat set for next spring. We got set back last week by life in general {A Juggler}, but I finally got to the grout for the hearth pad done this morning. It looks amazing! I can seal it tomorrow and the stove should be on it by Friday. SUPER, SUPER Excited!

 If all goes well I may end up adding some furniture refinish projects.

A Juggler

Sometimes I feel like a juggler, you know all dressed up like a jester frantically running around trying to keep all the balls up in the air. Between being a mom, wife, wedding florist, and home remodel-er it can get kind of crazy. I wake every morning and say “okay Lord, what can we squeeze in today?” Then there are the days where I think there is something scheduled and drive at least 45 minutes to get there to be told I cannot do it that day or that I do not have an appointment. I had 2 of those days this week. In fact this whole year has me feeling like a juggler.

There were 2 whole days “wasted” by driving somewhere when I could have been working on actually cleaning my house! Or getting the trim stained & varnished for the hearth pad…which still sits waiting to be grouted. It feels like a 2 steps forward, one step back affair; just when I feel ahead I get thrown back. Hopefully the rest of the week goes more smoothly…

Ace in the Hole

Since my hubby has become the family handyman for all things house related, it seems we are playing around with my sister in law’s water pump. He is becoming our ace in the hole for home repair.


I am amazed that he fit into this hole…they had been having problems with the outdoor water pump. The hubby shimmied down there to play with it for them. Not how I expected my day…I was hoping to get my driver’s license back this morning (another of this year’s annoyances). So while we are working on this together I am wearing my nice khaki dress pants and white dress shirt.


So apparently part of our problem was parking our car on the hose, AND lack of pressure. The electrical box seems to be faulty.


After some new parts and “fixing” some interesting electrical they have water and hubby is out!



Tuesday was the hubby’s birthday, he turned the big 3-0!

He was sooo excited, especially since I hit that 2 years ago. We had a long day that finished with a celebration at the closest Texas Roadhouse, which was amazing! But lets get back to the long day part. You would think my awesome hubby would just want to sit and relax all day, he works 2 jobs, a personal business and our farmhouse. Nope he decided to play with his toy, his Echo chainsaw.

Hubby bday

A Pad

A stove needs a pad…otherwise you may end up with serious problems. Our wood stove needs a 42″ x 48″ minimum pad with an r-value of 2. Well IF you could find one, I do not think we could afford it! Ouch, so we decided to, obviously, diy it. It was really interesting trying to find directions on how to actually build one. There were a couple ways to go about it, a lot depending on what R value you needed.

The one that worked best for us required micore, believe me that stuff is interesting! It’s light weight yet dense and makes a nice powdery mess when you cut it. We got ours at Efireplace Store, it was reasonably priced and got here in less than a week…with free shipping! Most of the other supplies we got at our local Menards.

Pad Jeep back

It required layering the micore, some aluminum flashing, and cement board. All of that combined gave us over our required r-value. Forgive me as I forgot to take pictures of this part. Our area was 42″ x48″ and the layers like this; our old floor, micore, aluminum flashing (so heat would spread out), another layer of micore, and then cement board. We used 1/2″ Durock Cement Board from Menards, we could have used the 1/4″ but we were worried about tile cracking.

Micore pad

After he got his new “toy” set up, we got to work putting down tile.

New tile saw

pad lay tile

Now we wait 48 hours, just to make sure mortar dries properly, to grout!!!