Sometimes You have to Fake It

Working handicapped is really hard sometimes. Like when you have to hold a 2×6-8′ board when you really should not do it. But when it is for something like a faux beam. You deal with it.
First we put up some 2×4’s…

And the finish…

I love it! I cannot wait to stain that beam…still undecided on color.


The Wiring Broke…

…and not in the house…for my heart! I was stupid, stretched and broke the lead for my AICD…dun, dun, dun.
This has been one the most interesting years I have ever had. After my new years resolution of getting the house finished we have had an exciting episode every month.

January – Drain line froze for the bathroom of our old farm house.
February – Happy Valentine’s day, the septics froze!
March – good bye Tempo, hello Jeep (car payment).
April – lost my Grandpa…the go to guy for any question.
May – our beagle was diagnosed with under active thyroid ($300 vet bill). He has a monstrous growth that keeps getting bigger…thinking we may have to put him to sleep.
June – I get to stay at the hospital for almost a week for broken lead for my AICD {I have/had multiple heart conditions}.
July ? If the beagle makes it until then we will probably be putting him to sleep. Also the septic really needs pumping so it may be both.

I would like to point out that I am leaning heavily on God and my husband and that I am done with this…can we be done now?

In the Cubby

So I may have mentioned that we are being scattered about the projects we are doing. Well I was working on staining my stairs and I got p-o’d about the stain color. Not happy at all…got it fixed though but no time to tackle at this point.
What I have been working on is upstairs aka the master bedroom. I did a quickie post for y’all on the electrical. Well while the hubby is working on these…


…I have been working on a storage cubby in our closet.


He was posing for me…ain’t he sweet!
So I had to put up bead board and shelf cleats and then stain it.



Cleats all up and ready for staining!


Now I sit and wait for the stain to dry before I can varnish! When I am all dine we are going to use the space for storing our bath towels and extra bathroom items…cannot wait to get it done!

Master the Electrical

So we are finally starting to get working again on the home remodel…I know, I know. It has been a couple of long months for the family.
Anyway back to the task at hand. I talked the hubby into working on our bedroom. That means some electrical and walls…we only got to the electrical…boo!


Cutting out our laminate floor…


Our milk painted floor {there is no sub floor}…


What we ended up with at the end of the day…at least we got the kinkiest part of the project done.