Yay for Rock!

Rock can be so awesome!

I am not talking about music {although some of that is pretty good}  I am talking about the type from a quarry. With this abrupt thaw we have going on, in 2 days we now have a about 4-6 inches of mush in our drive way. Not Anymore!! I have a father-in-law who is generally nice, with periods of extreme awesomeness! He got a load of gray rock for us on one of his dump trucks…sad part the hubby had to go get the truck after work {which is not very bad :)} and the dump function of the truck is not working. So that meant we had to dump and rake it out by hand.

2014-03-10 17.58.34This is part of the before, we had already covered the worst part.

2014-03-10 17.52.162014-03-10 17.57.59

2014-03-10 18.31.19

2014-03-10 18.44.36

…and tada! {Partial} new driveway!! It will be so much easier to get out of the driveway now.



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