We abruptly lost my husband’s work car yesterday. We knew she would not last forever and she had a good long run.

2014-03-11 15.10.26

1993 Ford Tempo

Originally an old family members car.

When he passed, his wife had it.

She gave it to me, and barely drove it.

My brother used it while volunteering at a zoo.

My parents gave it to us a couple years after we got married.

She has  survived NASTY perfume, skunk odor, fox urine, and diesel/gas/oil residue.

She squished my brother, my cousin, and myself all teenagers to go bale hay for our grandpa.

She somehow managed to get my 6′ +/200+lb father and my Uncle Randy {now passed}, who was much bigger, in the front seat.

No oil changes for almost 3 years {then earned the nickname “the dragon”}, a boulder {in the driveway, my hubby did it}, a deer taking its side mirror, numerous raccoons, and God knows what my brother did in/with her.

You may think this a ridiculous post, but there are many people out there that are sad in the passing of her and will treasure the memories and laughs she brought.


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