No I am not going to chop anyone’s head off! I am talking about how in the world am I going to get all this stuff done with the hubby in full gear for spring and on a tight budget.

Well first off I am trusting on God to help me get this stuff done. Secondly we are going to have to rethink the whole “one room at a time” plan.  So it is now going to be “let’s start with the little projects and work our way up”. That means I am going to start with projects that I already have supplies for {or started} and work my way up to the expensive/big ones.

March/April Projects:

  1. Finish painting N’s room.
  2. A Shelf for N’s room.
  3. Paint N’s bed…and possibly varnish it.
  4. Clean bathroom floor of drips from stain & pain.
  5. Paint bathroom ceiling.

Yeah that is about it and you know what here it is just over a week away from April and I have none of it done. Better get my behind in gear!


Man Down…

…well here I am, I knew this day was coming. Spring has hit and I am down to crew of 1 for at least a month. For the next month or so my hubby will be doing this…



…lovely…buuut on the other hand the extra $$$ will come in handy!

Try to Stay Motivated

Yeah the irony of my last post is we ended up just getting the New 2014 Patriot.

So now that we are looking at a car payment for the next few years, it is really hard to stay motivated with house projects. All those little things can cost more than you think. For example, on N’s room I wanted to do a shelf with the shelf brackets made out of pipe and a curtain rod that was integrated with it. That awesome idea may go down the toilet. Which by the way the septic is still froze.

Motivation is going to be lacking now that we are pinching pennies for the car payment. Any suggestions for stretching your creativity to make up for less ca$h and upping your motivation?

Car Searching…

So since our Tempo died this week, we have been trying find a replacement vehicle. At first we looked for something for him. A car with under 100,000 miles, around $5,000 and reliable. Then the thought of my 2008 Taurus having 134,000 miles on her and the 1997 dodge truck has been iffy for awhile, made us think maybe something bigger or at least taller.

We realized pretty quickly that a car for my hubby to drive was out. That meant something for me. After some searching we realized that we would be paying the same amount a month for a brand new SUV/crossover as we would one a couple years old. Which I find disgusting.

We tried a 2009 Dodge Journey with almost 85,000 miles on it. I liked the storage space {in seats, under seats, etc.} and the fact I could sit between the kids car seats in the back. The bad things were that the blind spots were annoying, it drove rough, the tires were worn weird and it kept pulling to one side. Then after driving this one and waiting to see how much it would cost us, my mom texted me about a Jeep {she thought Patriot but was a Liberty} that she drove past. Now I am going to tell you straight, I love Jeeps! I have some awesome memories in a soft top CJ7 from the 70’s. That and the Commander we drove to our wedding reception. So I am automatically going to the dealers page to see the info for it.

We ended up walking away from the Dodge Journey, it had way to many minuses and the payment was more than we were willing to spend on it.

We went to look at the Jeep Patriot I saw for $11,000 the next day. It ended being at there other location, bummer. So we looked at the Jeep that my mom did see. It was Jeep Liberty for $16,000. The front seat was awesome, back seat okay, and storage area horrible! We have 3 dogs {2 large} and I do wedding flowers! There just was not as much room as we would have liked.

So I asked the dealer what the differences were between the Patriot that was $11,000 & a brand new one. Since it was more cosmetic than tech & specs, we decided to look at a new one. We even squeezed our butts into the way back to see if the dogs would fit success!
It was gorgeous!
I am gonna tell you my requirements in a car; automatic transmission, Air Conditioning, a CD player,  at least FWD and good gas mileage. For a small SUV the Patriot {in my opinion} is pretty close to the top.
We found out how much it would cost {at my Hubby’s insistence, I figured it was pretty much not an option} and I had some sticker shock. Not that I did not expect it to be expensive, it is just when you see it written it is more mind boggling.

We decided that what we needed was a Patriot and as much as love the 2014, to try and look at a 2011 that was closer to home. It road ruff and had some chips along the edge of the doors that concerned me. We checked on the price anyway. Guess what, it turned out to be $15 more for the same time length or $40 cheaper for less time. We left. Disappointed & disgusted. In a total quandary as what we should do.

In between the first Patriot, 2014, and the second, 2011, the Taurus did something she never has done before. She hesitated, quite a bit, at a stoplight. Right before that we were both thinking just by the Hubby a junker. Guess not! My hubby listed a bunch of reasons,not serious ones, as to why it could have done that, but the whole time we were both looking at the dash like “NOOOOOO!”

I got a text from the dealer we talked with about the 2014 Patriot, apparently a 2011/2012 Patriot Latitude{fancier but more popular} would cost more than the 2014 Patriot, because of the $2,000 cash rebate. Granted it is a Sport, but we did not want a Latitude anyway. That and finding a Patriot that fit our needs without driving 3+ hours if we were lucky was pretty much not a option/nonexistent.

So there we sat, on our way home, thinking what the he!! do we do…

…to be continued…


…we all get them. I have been blessed with migraine problems in the family. Yay me! NOT!!! I have tried Excedrin {works sometimes}, migraine medicines make my heart go wonky {another post, another time} and natural stuff barely puts a dent in them. I would end up taking a bunch of stuff altogether and they still barely touched them.
Then I found this trick and in desperation, after 2 extra strength Excedrin’s, some nausea medicine {natural}, pulsatilla {homeopathic}, and a natural muscle/stress reliever, I tried Peppermint oil.


It is really simple! You take a cotton ball and add some almond oil{or other carrier oil} then a couple drops of peppermint oil to that and rub it on your temples. It is important to use the carrier oil {almond, jojoba, argan, etc}, if you do not your temples will be burning in seconds! Wait 10-15 minutes and take a warm wash cloth to the area and wipe it off away from your eyes. This simple trick of peppermint oil really is awesome…and it cleans out/opens up your sinuses too!


We abruptly lost my husband’s work car yesterday. We knew she would not last forever and she had a good long run.

2014-03-11 15.10.26

1993 Ford Tempo

Originally an old family members car.

When he passed, his wife had it.

She gave it to me, and barely drove it.

My brother used it while volunteering at a zoo.

My parents gave it to us a couple years after we got married.

She has  survived NASTY perfume, skunk odor, fox urine, and diesel/gas/oil residue.

She squished my brother, my cousin, and myself all teenagers to go bale hay for our grandpa.

She somehow managed to get my 6′ +/200+lb father and my Uncle Randy {now passed}, who was much bigger, in the front seat.

No oil changes for almost 3 years {then earned the nickname “the dragon”}, a boulder {in the driveway, my hubby did it}, a deer taking its side mirror, numerous raccoons, and God knows what my brother did in/with her.

You may think this a ridiculous post, but there are many people out there that are sad in the passing of her and will treasure the memories and laughs she brought.

Yay for Rock!

Rock can be so awesome!

I am not talking about music {although some of that is pretty good}  I am talking about the type from a quarry. With this abrupt thaw we have going on, in 2 days we now have a about 4-6 inches of mush in our drive way. Not Anymore!! I have a father-in-law who is generally nice, with periods of extreme awesomeness! He got a load of gray rock for us on one of his dump trucks…sad part the hubby had to go get the truck after work {which is not very bad :)} and the dump function of the truck is not working. So that meant we had to dump and rake it out by hand.

2014-03-10 17.58.34This is part of the before, we had already covered the worst part.

2014-03-10 17.52.162014-03-10 17.57.59

2014-03-10 18.31.19

2014-03-10 18.44.36

…and tada! {Partial} new driveway!! It will be so much easier to get out of the driveway now.


Anxious for Outside

I am tired of cold.

Now believe me, I love snow and cold but all these weeks of highs in the single digits (if we are lucky) is getting to me! I am yearning for Spring. Or least 40°! This cold is also putting a damper on finishing the farmhouse. So many of the things that need to be finished up include some sort of fume; paint, stain, varnish. Not to mention the outside finish list.

The outside list is not very long, but each job is time consuming when it is just one woman and her occasional hubby. Heck, all jobs are time consuming when it is two people and kids!

Here is what NEEDS to be done on the outside:

1. House. It needs to have the fiber cement siding finished. Then we need to paint it; walls, accent & trim!

House{You can see I did get a start on it last summer.}

2. Hatch door. We have one of those old type of “walk out” basements. The outer door supplies have been sitting on our deck waiting to be done going on 2 years.
3. Gardens. I am a garden freak, but am horrible on upkeep, so a majority of them need to have weed barrier and mulch put down.
4. Garage. Our garage, which most of the time should be labeled as workshop, needs a new roof, siding, windows and door.
5. Fenced yard. We have an area fenced that we call the “backyard” where the dogs go out, but we really want/almost need the whole 2+ acres fenced for the kids and the lab that likes to occasionally jump it and then chase cars.

I think that is about it…but I am sure all this cabin fever will have me adding projects or finishing projects (like the chicken house that is sitting in the workshop, I mean garage, right now).

A Place to Scribble

All little boys need a place to scribble and N’s room has the perfect spot for one!

After putting 2 coats of primer, (I used Glidden)…


…and then I was ready for paint.


I used Rust-oleum’s Chalkboard paint in black. I would like to note that they suggest using Rust-oleum’s Painter’s Touch Primer.
Here is the first coat of chalkboard paint…

…and the second coat!

Now we to wait a few days before we can really mess it up…N will be so excited!

Waiting for Paint to Dry

So since we did some ceiling work on my lil guys room…

image{Love it! But not finished.}

…I decided that maybe March should be the month to tackle N’s room. Maybe then I will get it all done by his birthday in May.

Next would be paint. Which I worked on now. I decided on doing a vertical stripe pattern with 5 stripes and 4 colors, a green (store did not give me a label), Radison (white/gray), Black Ink, and Smokey Mountain (medium taupe/gray).
This is what the pattern is going to look like. The “white” spaces are the Radison areas.


Time to get started…

image{Smokey Mountain and “Green”.}

I am having help….



…notice the sheet under my son? My daughter and I are pretty good about not getting paint on the floor, but my son will get it anywhere and everywhere!

Well I am off to start my second coats of color, happy painting!