A Quickie…

…cleanup. So after the lovely time we had Friday…




…and found out our septic was froze, lovely, we had another lovely mess on the kitchen floor.


This is a pretty clean version of the nasty condition my floor was in, it was pretty much black. Now I did not have the time or energy for an intense, hands and knees floor scrubbing so I had to mop it.
In these dirty conditions I use a 2 bucket system. One with clean soapy water and the other with rinse water.


You can tell the rinse water on the right, it’s filthy. The 2 bucket system allows for you to not have to get fresh soapy water as often, I only had to change it once. The rinse water I dumped/changed quite a bit. Simple steps; mop/scrub an area, rinse, remop the same area, rinse, and move to a new area.
My floor now looks like this…


…a vast improvement from what it looked like earlier.
On a side note, you are probably wondering what we are using for a toilet right now. This is it…


…we are planning on constructing a composting toilet. That may be a tutorial coming soon !


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