2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back

That is how I feel like today went. The first piece of trim was cut wrong the first time. In the second piece of trim we cut one did not like it, cut another piece and we did not like that one either. So what did we do? We used the first piece…yep that is how we roll.

We made a big mess putting the one piece of trim up so my helpers were on vacuum duty. My daughter is a wack-a-doodle, she loves to vacuum.

Then onto cutting an interesting angle for one piece of trim and patch one area of a wall.

Now we had to switch gears for a bit and put in the stair nose. The trim that went in that area was a little fancy so we wanted the stair nose in first. First we cut out the flooring from upstairs.


Did you know that a circular saws come with their own tool? We have had ours for going on 8 years and just realized that. Learn something new everyday.

Now we are ready to put in in the stair nose. Note: stair noses(?) should overlap the riser, for some reason that knowledge got lost somewhere and we cut too much off, sigh. So we had to make a Plan B. My hubby took a 1x board and stripped it and then notched it out a groove to cap the laminate. Worked like a charm! Wish we had not cut the stair nose we bought so we could have taken it back, oh well.

By the end of the day, the worst was realizing the stair nose was not going to work. We got about half the trim up, with the really kinky pieces to be put up next week. Hopefully by then I may be ready to distress, stain & varnish the stair treads and risers!

Every project finished brings us closer to our new years resolution…A FINISHED HOUSE!!!


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